Automatic Increase Benefit (AIB)

The AIB feature automatically increases your coverage by an amount equal to 10% of your certificate’s original face amount every December  1st following at least twelve months of initial ownership. Subject to the contractual limits, a maximum of 10 annual increases are permitted.

Increases to your face amount are applied automatically and do not require you to provide any evidence of your continued insurability. Your premiums will be adjusted annually based on your current age band. Depending on your age and your total life insurance coverage it may be possible to double your certificate’s face amount of coverage before the AIB feature expires.

The AIB feature is included with your CBIA Term Life coverage if,

  • your insured age is 50 or younger,
  • the combined maximum of all CBIA Term Life in-force on your life does not exceed $1.5 million, AND
  • your coverage was issued on a Standard or Preferred underwritten basis.

The AIB feature expires and no further face amount increases are possible on December 1st of the year that :

  • Your insured age is 56, or
  • the combined maximum of all CBIA Term Life in-force on your life exceeds $1.5 million, or
  • 10 AIB units have been added to your certificate, or
  • you decline a coverage increase as a result of the AIB feature.

You may decline an AIB increase at any time. However, please be aware that doing so cancels all future AIB increases. In order to reinstate AIB increases, you must submit medical evidence and be approved by an Underwriter.