If the risk is really that great, why don’t I know any disabled people?

We don’t see air, but we know there’s a lot of it out there. Deaths, car accidents and house fires are highly visible insurance claim events. They are in the news everyday and most of us have personally experienced or know someone who was touched by one of these events. However, most disabilities are the result of invisible conditions such as heart disease, cancer, or psychiatric disorders.

Many lawyers are disabled by mental and nervous system illnesses. The fear that this will negatively impact their peer and client relationships causes many to hide their condition from the public eye. Only those closest to a disabled lawyer know the real reason for the “long term sabbatical”, “early retirement” or “leaving the partnership to start a new career”. Unless you were told, how could you possibly know the person you shook hands with yesterday can no longer work due to a heart problem, cancer or a psychological issue? Most disabled people are quietly hidden all around us.

Most psychiatric illness disability claims are for depression or anxiety issues. Sometimes these illnesses are associated with other factors such as alcohol or other drug addictions.