Built-in no added cost benefits

We believe that you should have the best protection possible. That’s why we’ve built in benefits that others would have you buy as added cost options. These include:

Benefits for Partial Disabilities: Not every disability results in a complete inability to work and earn an income. If after 14 days of total disability you are able to return to work part-time, you may qualify to receive a portion of your monthly benefit.

Inflation Protection: Until age 55, every June 1st you will be given the option to increase your coverage by up to 10% of your original face amount, within limits, without providing evidence of your continued good health.

Death Benefit: You can name a designated beneficiary who, in the event of your death, will receive a death benefit equal to three times your monthly benefit.

Benefits begin after 2 weeks: Our plan offers one of the shortest Waiting Periods available. You will be eligible to receive benefits after only 14 days of your continuous total disability.