Please print and complete the appropriate form and mail it to the address provided.

Please mail the following forms to:
The Canadian Bar Insurance Association
5 Park Home Avenue
Suite 500
Toronto, Ontario
M2N 6L4

Bar Group Pre-Authorized Payment Plan

Bar Group Application for Enrolment

Bar Group Policyholder’s Request for Change

Bar Group Request for Designation or Change of Beneficiary(ies) or Trustee

Bar Group Evidence of Insurability

Bar Group Member’s Change Request


Please mail the following forms to:
Desjardins Financial Security
C.P. 3950
Lévis, Quebec
G6V 8C6

Bar Group Claim for Dental Care Expenses

Bar Group Claim for Health Care Benefits


Please mail the following forms to:
Dejardins Financial Security
200, rue des Commandeurs
Lévis, Quebec
G6V 6R2

Bar Group Request for Conversion

Bar Group Request for Cost Plus Reimbursement