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Automatic Increase Benefit Inquiries

The most commonly asked questions and answers about the Automatic Increase Benefit are listed below to assist you :


Q. Why is my insurance increasing?

A. Your insurance coverage includes an Automatic Increase Benefit (AIB) that provides you with a 10% increase in your coverage without medical evidence.


Q. How much will it cost?

A. Your December 1st invoice (mailed in late-October) will reflect the 10% increase in your coverage. Because your premium is based on your age and our rates in-force on December 1st, we cannot give you an exact cost at this time. However, your CBIA Representative can provide you with an estimated cost.

Please be assured that your increased face amount will not negatively impact your cost per $1000 of benefit.


Q. I didn’t ask for this, why did I get it?

A. This benefit is automatically included with your Term Life benefit.


Q. I don’t want the increase. How do I cancel?

A. Please contact your CBIA Representative or our Customer Service Department at 1-800-267-2242 to obtain our opt-out form. This form will need to be signed by the owner and returned to us before we can proceed with the cancellation of this benefit.

Please note that cancelling this increase will terminate the AIB and no further increases will be offered. Should you wish to add the benefit back onto your coverage in the future, you will need to provide proof of your good health and be approved by our Insurer.


Q. How many increases am I entitled to receive?

A. You are entitled to an annual face amount increase equal to 10% of the original face amount:

  • for up to 10 years, or
  • until you are 56, or
  • your total coverage exceeds $1.5 million.


Q. Do I have to do anything to get this benefit?

A. No. The increase is automatic and does not require any action on your part. Your face amount of coverage will increase annually until you tell us you no longer want this benefit or you reach the maximum number of increases, age or face amount.

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