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Indemnity for Specific Loss from Accident

The overall maximum payable under the insurance is the sum insured. In the event of your accidental death, the sum insured, less any amounts already paid to you, will be paid to your beneficiary.

You will be paid the stated percentage of the sum insured if, due to accidental injuries, you suffer one of the following losses:

  • Quadriplegia, Paraplegia, or Hemiplegia – 200%
  • Both hands or the use thereof, or both feet – 100%
  • The sight of both eyes – 100%
  • Hearing and speech – 100%
  • One hand and one foot – 100%
  • The sight of one eye and also either one hand, or one foot – 100%
  • One arm, or the use thereof or one leg, or the use thereof – 100%
  • One hand, or the use thereof, or one foot, or the sight of one eye – 100%
  • Hearing or speech – 100%
  • Thumb and index finger of the same hand – 50%