New Lawyers

New lawyers

Congratulations on your call to the Bar! You are embarking on a very exciting and satisfying career. Based on feedback from other students similar to you, here are a few issues that you should consider:

  • If you were to die and your income were lost, how would your family’s lifestyle and future be affected?
  • In the event of your death, would paying off your debts be a burden on your family?
  • If you became disabled and could no longer work, how would you get by financially?

CBIA can help you simplify the process of protectingyourself and your family by giving you access to affordable insurance solutions.

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Your local CBIA representative is ready to help you enroll or answer any questions that you may have.

If you have been called to the bar within the last year, you may be pleased to know that you are eligible for one year of life insurance protection (effective from your date of call) at absolutely no cost! Click here for more information about our Complimentary Life Insurance for new calls.