Exclusions and Limitations

This policy does not cover expenses that were incurred as a result of,

  • intentional self-inflicted injury, suicide or attempted suicide.
  • committing or attempting to commit a criminal offense.
  • elective or cosmetic surgery.
  • service in the armed forces of any country or organization.
  • war, or any act of war, invasion, act of foreign enemy, hostilities, (whether war be declared or not, and whether initiated by a local government, foreign government, local group or foreign group), civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, or civil commotion.
  • pregnancy or complications thereof, unless the trip outside your home province is planned to end at least 60 days prior to the expected delivery date or commence 60 days after delivery.

In addition, benefits are not payable for,

  • any illness or disease for which medical treatment was given or prescribed within 90 days immediately preceding the commencement of the trip unless the medical condition had been stabilized for at least six months and in the opinion of the attending physician no significant change in the medical condition was anticipated and no additional medical treatment would be require during the insured trip.
  • trips taken primarily for health reasons on the advice of a physician or for treatment arranged prior to your departure from you home province.