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Calculate Your Annual Premium

This cost calculator is designed to assist you in determining your initial annual premium for our Level 80 Term Life benefit. Subject to underwriter approval, you may qualify for a lower premium if approved for our Preferred Underwritten rates.

Age years
Smoker Status
Province of Residence
Face Amount
Your initial premium will be:

$0.00 per year.

For a complete quotation and policy details, please contact your CBIA Authorized Sales Representative. The premium illustrated is subject to your proof of good health and approval of our underwriters.

Rates are not guaranteed and can vary in accordance to plan experience. Plan underwritten by The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company (Manulife). This is not an offer of insurance or an insurance contract and your actual premium cost at application may vary depending on our rates, your state of health, and age at that time. Premium shown is based on our Standard Rates.

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